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We Love Lights 2.2.1

Released: October 12, 2020

New Features

  • Remove of HueSDK to support Apple Silicon architecture

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue with Launch at Login after Macbook restart or waking up Macbook from sleep
  • Fix missing status text during initial bridge detection
  • Fix missing translatation for status view
  • Fix missing characters in the status view

We Love Lights 2.2

Released: September 27, 2020

New Features

  • Support for multiple connected Hue bridges
  • Replace YouTracker with Redmine to improve stability of bug reporting
  • Support for macOS Big Sur
  • Add Hue bridges manually by adding its IP address (via Preference window)
  • New preference option to enable/disable auto group enablement based on lights availability

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue that caused some Hue Bridges not being found in the local network
  • Fix an issue that caused disconnection to Hue bridges after waking up Macbook from sleep or coming back from offline mode
  • Fix an issue of wrong sorting

We Love Lights 2.1

Released: April 17, 2020

New Features

  • Support for Zones: A zone describes a group of lights that can be controlled together. Zones can be useful to control a group of lights that belong to a specific area (e.g. attic of a house). Lights can be added to multiple zones.

Resolved Issues

  • Improve slagginess of brightness and color sliders
  • Fix a bug that caused chaotic light brightness states if brightness of groups are changed to quickly
  • Fix a bug that leaves groups states to “ON”, even though all comprises lights are not reachable anymore (e.g. after hard switch-off)

We Love Lights 2.0.2

Released: April 3, 2020

New Features

  • Introduction of We Love Lights Studio: Create, Design and Organize your Hue bridge
    • Not only groups, but all resources (Groups, Lights, Scenes) can be set hidden
    • Create new rooms
    • Create and design new Scenes
    • Add existing Hue Lights to a room
    • Search and add Zigbee lights not registered to the bridge yet
    • Re-order your resources (Groups, Lights, Scenes) to your preferences via drag and drop
  • Re-design connection handler to the bridge for better response and stability
  • Show icons for each room
  • Re-design of the preference window
  • New preferences to re-adjust the look and feel of the menu
  • Improves Bug Reporter and Feature Reporter with the capability to save and view your log file

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue that caused connection issues under specific network conditions
  • Add missing support for vintage bulbs (filaments) & christmas tree light type
  • Improve the delay to show updates to indicators after start-up and change of resource attributes
  • Improve style of the App icon

We Love Lights 1.2.1

Released: January 07, 2020

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue with discovering new bridges for specific network conditions
  • Fix an issue where not all group items have been cleaned-up after disconnecting from the bridge

We Love Lights 1.2

Released: December 17, 2019

New Features

  • Support for Osram SMART+
  • Hidden rooms (hover mouse over group switch)
  • Option for “Launch at login” (app auto-start at login)
  • Completely re-engineered the notification system to enable App napping and to improve the efficiency and development speed of the app
  • All menu items are sorted in ascending order
  • Improves text label of Scene Buttons

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue with Scene Buttons that did not properly render the buttons with some configurations
  • Fix an issue that caused sudden changes of indicators after unfolding the menu

We Love Lights 1.1.2

Released: November 19, 2019

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue with Scene Buttons that made them hard to read in Dark Mode
  • Fix an issue with the general display of Scene Button

We Love Lights 1.1.1

Released: November 11, 2019

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue that caused broken connection with some Macbook models
  • Fix the foreground text color in the Changelog while being in Dark Mode

We Love Lights 1.1

Released: November 6, 2019

New Features

  • Add a Getting Started and several help messages to give more explanations
  • Add Release Notes
  • Introduces a new API interface for increased flexibility and reliability
  • Provid macOS Catalina compatibility
  • Add alphabetic sorting of groups and lights

Resolved Issues

  • Fix an issue that caused duplicate menu entries of groups and lights
  • Fix some translations
  • Fix the height of group light buttons

We Love Lights 1.0.1

Released: September 15, 2019

Resolved Issues

  • Fix minor performance issue